Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Family Fun

     Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love waking up to the cool crisp air on my nose that makes me want to snug deeper under the covers, I love the smell of wood burning in the fireplaces and all the bright colors of the pumpkins, flowers and trees. I love cooking for my family and getting ready for the holidays and the long cold winter that soon will follow.

      So every year like clock work after a good deep house cleaning, I put out my favorite warm blankets and quilts in the family room where we do a lot of reading, watching movies, visiting and entertaining with family and guests during these colder months.

The fireplace and mantle is lit up with candles, and Pumpkin Spice with Cinnamon fills the air. Hot chocolate, soups and stews are served up in hearty portions as we welcome in the Holiday Season and all that is good and fun. This is a great time to slow things down and spend time together, so relax and enjoy.

Try this Foodie Tip: For a quick "Movie Night" snack slice up apples, ham and cheese into bite size pieces, serve with chocolate covered graham cracker cookies and crackers. This sweet and salty combination will sure to be a hit.