Thursday, July 12, 2018

Prelude to Ascension by Brent Clay

My husband Brent Clay has published his new Science Fiction book Prelude to Ascension on It is now available to read in Kindle format and the paperback version will be available soon. We are really excited to announce its release and to be able to share this with you. Below is a short description about Prelude to Ascension.
- - -

John Riley is a physicist who achieves his lifelong dream of unraveling the mysteries of anti-gravity, but along the way, also unwittingly discovers the secret of interstellar communication. When he and a small group of coworkers attempt to respond to an unexpected message, believing it to have originated from somewhere on earth, they find more than they anticipate. The message is from deep space.

Once contact is made, the Remotes, as they are called, will not be dissuaded. Humanity becomes an unwilling newcomer to a staggeringly ancient galactic collective, which regards the earth as an ‘emerging world’ that is subject to its oversight. As humanity slips further into the grip of the enigmatic consortium, the mysteries become deeper; there is more to earth’s history than meets the eye, and even the galaxy itself is not what it seems.

- - -
It has been really fun getting to know each of the characters and to see how the story unfolds as it goes along. To find out more or to purchase your copy of Prelude to Ascension, be sure to click on the book's title at the beginning of this blog post or on the book cover photo, both are linked directly to the book's page on for your convenience. We hope you enjoy Prelude to Ascension. If you do be sure to leave it a good review on Amazon and tell all your friends and family about it. We need your help to make this book Go Viral. Many thanks and happy reading!